Out of Our Minds

More perspectives from the Harding Loevner investment team, highlighting various other considerations beyond bottom-up fundamental research that inform the way we approach investing.

Small Caps: Adventures in Fundamental Research

Jafar Rizvi, CFA, has co-managed the International Small Companies strategy at Harding Loevner for a decade and the Global Small Companies strategy since it launched more than four years ago. He shares the joys and challenges of searching for quality in a corner of the market that lacks an investor roadmap.

Macro Do’s and Don’ts

During a period when macroeconomic variables and geopolitical events seem to be driving so much of equity returns, it can be tempting to try to forecast what happens next. Good luck with that.

Demolition Work in Progress

In trying to make sense of this year’s breathtaking collapse in the share prices of growth stocks, it helps to understand that from policymakers’ perspective the value destruction (at least so far) has gone as planned.

Russia, Risk, and Decision-Making

Our investments in Russia have not resulted in good outcomes for our clients. But do those outcomes point to failures in our investment process?

Beauty and the Beast

The growth of passive investing is disrupting Keynes’s beauty contest and warping market structure in unnerving new directions.

Culture Club

In finance as in sports, everybody agrees that a winning culture is paramount to success. But what is it exactly? And once you hit on one, how to ensure it sticks around?

From A to Xi: Regulatory Risk in China

Recent changes in the regulatory environment in China have sparked questions and discussions about the future of investing in the country, both in the wider world and inside Harding Loevner.