What P&G’s Pricing Decisions Tell Us About Inflation

Inflation has been the relentless economic theme of the last two years. Even with interest rates higher than before the pandemic, global supply chains no longer paralyzed by virus-related bottlenecks, and the World Health Organization declaring an end to the COVID-19 emergency, prices for goods and services in many parts […]

Small Caps: Adventures in Fundamental Research

Jafar Rizvi, CFA, has co-managed the International Small Companies strategy at Harding Loevner for a decade and the Global Small Companies strategy since it launched more than four years ago. He shares the joys and challenges of searching for quality in a corner of the market that lacks an investor roadmap.

Macro Do’s and Don’ts

During a period when macroeconomic variables and geopolitical events seem to be driving so much of equity returns, it can be tempting to try to forecast what happens next. Good luck with that.

Too Much Information

For investors today, one of the hardest jobs has become knowing what to ignore.

When Will Life Return to Normal?

A frank assessment of what vaccine production and distribution delays—and concerning data about new COVID-19 variants—mean for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Out of Our Minds—From the Beginning

Before everyone knew them as “factors,” quality, growth, and value indications were the way we identified good companies, in a way that fit our personalities.