Responsible Investing

Assessing how companies’ environmental and societal impacts may affect their long-term financial results

Active Ownership

Improving companies’ governance and environmental and societal impacts through active engagement and strategic proxy voting

Meeting Client Goals

Tailoring portfolio holdings, engagement, and proxy voting according to clients’ own goals, such as climate and diversity

Responsible Investing

Integrated into our Process

The assessment of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities is intrinsic to our fundamental analysis of every company under consideration and is integrated into each stage of our investment process. Our proprietary scorecard considers the potential consequences of 29 distinct ESG-related concerns (like carbon emissions, labor practices, and management-shareholder alignment) for each business’s sustainability.

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Grounded in Industry Expertise

Deep knowledge of each global industry’s distinctive structure helps us identify the relevant environmental and social issues. Analysts monitor these issues, such as health and safety (Materials companies), labor practices (Consumer Staples companies), or carbon emissions (Energy companies), using our proprietary Materiality Framework, which was adapted from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Materiality Map.

Commitments to Transparency

As a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI) and the UK Stewardship Code, Harding Loevner leverages its own efforts to practice and promote sustainable investing. Harding Loevner also supports the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Read our 2023 TCFD Report.

Active Ownership

Engaging Frequently

We regularly engage with company managements to discuss and seek to understand the potential impact of environmental, social, and governance risks on their long-term returns.

Promoting Sustainability

We encourage companies to adopt practices that foster sustainable growth and to consider issues like energy transition, diversity, and cybersecurity.

Read our Shareholder Engagement Policy

Exercising Voting Rights

We promote high standards of corporate behavior and disclosure in every vote we cast. Our clients can request their shares be voted according to their own values and priorities.

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Meeting Client Goals

We’ve applied our fundamental knowledge of companies to customize portfolios from our earliest days.

  1. Sustainability integrated in investment process
  2. First portfolios with Human Rights & Environmental exclusions
  3. First portfolios with Catholic Values & Public Health exclusions
  4. First portfolio with Islamic Values exclusions
  5. Incorporated Glass Lewis data to support proxy vote decisions
  6. Incorporated MSCI ESG data to improve screens
  7. First portfolio managed to ESG Index benchmark
  8. First portfolio with Best-in-Class mandate
  9. Global Equity ESG Composite established
  10. First portfolio managed to carbon targets
  11. First portfolio with ex-fossil fuels mandate
  12. Global Paris-Aligned & International Carbon Transition Equity strategies launched

Partnering with Clients

We tailor our approach to meet your specific responsible investing goals.

Values-Based Screening

Exclude from your portfolio certain businesses, like tobacco, alcohol, gambling or fossil fuels.

Best-in-Class Portfolios

Focus your portfolio on companies with particularly strong environmental or social profiles.

Environmental Targeting

Manage your portfolio according to targets for carbon emissions.

Customized Engagement

Engage on your behalf according to specific values, including those around emissions, diversity, and labor relations.

Directed Voting

Cast proxy votes for shares in your portfolio according to your values and priorities.

ESG Reporting

Provide customized reporting based on third-party metrics to meet your ESG reporting requirements.


experience in customized
ESG screening.


managed for clients with custom
Environmental or Social requirements.


currently managed for clients with
specific ESG requirements.

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Responsible Investing Videos

Watch our colleagues discuss Harding Loevner’s approach to Responsible Investing.

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