Rick Schmidt on the Money Life Podcast

Portfolio Manager Rick Schmidt discusses the market environment for global equites amidst the ongoing global economic recovery and new regulatory pressures.

Chris Mack on the Money Life Podcast

Chris Mack, Portfolio Manager, Global Equity and Global Small Companies, speaks with Chuck Jaffe on “Money Life” about Harding Loevner’s bottom-up stock selection process of investing in high-quality, growing businesses at reasonable prices. Mr. Mack also provides insights into the investment theses for selected companies, including Walt Disney, Schneider Electric, […]

Soaring Dollar-Denominated Debt Central to Turkey’s Crisis

Rick Schmidt, an analyst and portfolio manager for Harding Loevner’s Global Equity and Emerging Markets Equity strategies, discusses how Turkey’s recent economic turmoil could impact other global economies. Subscription required to view the entire article.

Bond Light

In a greater discussion on corporate leverage, Harding Loevner Global Equity strategy Portfolio Manager Richard Schmidt provides insight into how the beer industry has changed and what it means for the growth prospects of large beer companies.

A Fund Manager Shares His Top Stock Picks

Harding Loevner Global Equity strategy Co-Lead Portfolio Manager Ferrill Roll is interviewed by Wally Forbes. Highlights include Ferrill’s discussion of the strategy’s philosophy and process, co-lead PM structure, and long-term perspective (“if it’s a durably growing and profitable business, we want [the analyst] to follow it through thick and thin”).

Bonjour investors: Money is pouring into foreign stock funds

This article covers the resurgence of foreign stocks. The Harding Loevner Global Equity strategy is noted as a top-performing product that has recently cut back on its US exposure. Portfolio manager Rick Schmidt is quoted on the outlook for European banks as well.

How a Global Equities Manager Handles the Market’s Heat

In this article discussing investment discipline in volatile environments, Rick Schmidt, portfolio manager for the Harding Loevner Global Equity strategy, discusses the firm’s investment approach. Schmidt emphasizes Harding Loevner’s commitment to maintaining a strong process and “having the discipline to implement your beliefs when things are a little scary.” He […]

The Case for Going Global With Your Money

The author recommends resisting current trends of economic nationalism by investing abroad. Global Equity strategy portfolio manager Christopher Mack is quoted in support, saying that a well-diversified portfolio means “one shock will be balanced out by other parts of the portfolio.”