Investing in Harding Loevner Funds PLC

Investing Directly

Download the Account Application and follow the included directions.

Consult the Prospectus and applicable Prospectus Supplement and KIID* for complete information.

To invest, please download an application and follow the included instructions. For assistance, contact Harding Loevner Funds plc at:

Telephone: +353 1 434 5085
Email: HardingLoevnerTADublin@ntrs.com
Facsimile: +353 1 434 5289


Harding Loevner – Transfer Agency
c/o Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Ltd.
George’s Court, 54-62 Townsend Street
Dublin 2, Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions by Direct Investors

Yes, your custodian can set up an account for your benefit.

The Fund has daily dealing, as defined by any day on which banks are open for business in Dublin, London, and New York.

Send the completed Dealing Form to the Funds by the Dealing Deadline by facsimile at the number above. (Email is not accepted).

The Dealing Deadline for receipt of subscription or redemption instructions is 3 PM Irish time on each Dealing Day. Instructions received after 3 PM will be processed the following Dealing Day.

Subscription amounts must be received within three Business Days following the relevant Dealing Day by wire transfer in the currency of the share class subscribed. Instructions are found in the Account Application and Dealing Form.

Redemption proceeds are paid three Business Days following the relevant Dealing Day by wire transfer to a bank account in the name of the shareholder. Please confirm the bank account details on file with the Funds prior to any redemption.

Mail a letter of instruction signed by a current authorized individual to the Funds at the address above. Be sure to reference the sub-fund name and your account number within the letter.

There are no entry, exit, or repurchase charges. The Directors have discretion to impose an anti-dilution levy to protect shareholders in accordance with the Prospectus.

*Harding Loevner Funds plc (the “Fund”) has updated the naming convention of its existing share classes to reflect commonly utilized nomenclature in the marketplace. The UCITS KIID documents currently available reflect the previous naming convention; however, the ISINs remain the same and have not changed. Updated UCITS KIID documents, as well as PRIIPs KID documents for those investors for whom that is a required document, will be made available shortly. Please read the Prospectus carefully before investing.