Pay Dirt: Capitalizing on the Tesla-fication of Lawn Care

The clock is winding down on gas-powered lawn machines. The early rulers of battery-powered outdoor equipment look to build an edge that isn’t so easily trimmed.

Key Takeaways


  • In the fight against climate change, gas-powered outdoor power equipment (OPE) is turning out to be some of the lowest-hanging fruit. Already, 100 US municipalities restrict it, with the entire state of California set to follow in 2024.
  • Two of the market leaders in the new cordless electric OPE segment are Techtronic (maker of Milwaukee and Ryobi) and Makita, established players whose lithium-ion powered hand tools had been on top for years.
  • It’s not easy building a battery-powered machine light enough to push or carry and powerful enough to tackle the great outdoors. While the power gap with gas is closing, run time remains an issue.
  • Chervon’s Ego brand leads a pack of dedicated battery OPE producers from China also vying for global market share.
  • Intra-brand battery compatibility means that the established tool makers have a secret weapon for pressing their scale advantages already sitting in their existing customers’ basements and garages.



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