Investing in Harding Loevner Funds PLC

Investing Directly

Download, print, complete, and return the Account Application.

Consult the appropriate Fund page for the Prospectus and applicable Prospectus Supplement and KIID for complete information.

For assistance, including existing account holders, contact Harding Loevner Funds plc’s Shareholder Service team at:

Shareholder Service Line: +353 1 434 5085
Shareholder Service Email:
Shareholder Service Fax: +353 1 434 5289

Shareholder Mailing Address:
Harding Loevner - Transfer Agency
c/o Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Ltd.
George's Court, 54-62 Townsend Street
Dublin 2, Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions by Direct Investors

Can I invest in the Funds through my custodian bank?

Yes. Your custodian bank can set up an account for your benefit.

What service does Northern Trust provide to the Funds?

Northern Trust serves as Administrator and Depository for the Funds. Among its duties, Northern Trust acts as a transfer agent, responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Funds, including the processing of investor applications. Investors submitting an application to the Fund should do so directly with Northern Trust, via hard copy, to the address listed at the top of this page.

What is the Funds' dealing frequency?

The Fund has daily dealing, as defined by any day on which banks are open for business in London, New York, Dublin, and/or other places that the Directors may, with the consent of the Depository, determine and notify in advance to shareholders.

Once my account is established, how do I instruct a subsequent transaction?

Fax the completed Dealing Form to Northern Trust by the Dealing Deadline. Wire instructions are in the Account Application and Dealing Form.

What is the Dealing Deadline?

The Dealing Deadline is 3pm Irish time on each Dealing Day for receipt of subscription or redemption instructions. Instructions received after 3pm will not be processed until the following Dealing Day.

When and how must I deliver my subscription monies? When will proceeds be paid?

Subscription proceeds must be received by Northern Trust within two Business Days of the relevant Dealing Day by electronic transfer in the currency of the relevant share class in order to receive same-day processing. Please refer to the following chart for settlement periods by sub-fund: 

 Sub-Fund  Subscription Settlement  Redemption
 Global Equity  T+3  T+3
 Global Small Companies Equity  T+3  T+3
 International Equity  T+3  T+3
 Emerging Markets Equity  T+3  T+3
 Frontier Emerging Markets Equity  T+3  T+7

Redemption proceeds are paid electronically to an account in the name of the shareholder. We recommend that you confirm the repayment account details on file with Northern Trust prior to any redemption’s settlement.

How do I make changes to my account (e.g., contact information, authorized signers)?

Mail a letter of instruction signed by a current authorized individual with the updated information to the Funds, c/o the Shareholder Service Team listed at the top of this page. Be sure to reference the Fund name and your account number within the letter.

Are there any entry, exit, or repurchase charges?

There are no entry, exit, or repurchase charges. However, the Directors have discretion to impose fees such as an anti-dilution levy to protect shareholders in accordance with the terms of the Prospectus and the requirements of the Central Bank.

Does Harding Loevner Funds plc accept applications or trade instructions via e-mail?

No, the Funds do not accept e-mailed applications or trade instructions under any circumstances.













Please read the Prospectus carefully before investing.

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