Out of Our Minds

More perspectives from the Harding Loevner investment team, highlighting various other considerations beyond bottom-up fundamental research that inform the way we approach investing.

Meme Stocks and Market Structure

Just months after the GameStop episode, the impact of the infamous retail-investor-led short squeeze has faded like a bad dream. Or has it?

Too Much Information

For investors today, one of the hardest jobs has become knowing what to ignore.

When Will Life Return to Normal?

A frank assessment of what vaccine production and distribution delays—and concerning data about new COVID-19 variants—mean for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in the Wonderland can seem the perfect metaphor for a market trading at record valuations amid a global pandemic. But the most insightful perspective may come from a line in the movie.

Out of Our Minds—From the Beginning

Before everyone knew them as “factors,” quality, growth, and value indications were the way we identified good companies, in a way that fit our personalities.

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