Assessing the mRNA Leaders

Barron’s provides a broad overview of an article in Harding Loevner’s Fundamental Thinking series about Moderna and BioNTech. In the article, Co-Deputy Director of Research and Health Care Analyst David Glickman describes why both companies are ahead of the competition in the mRNA pharmaceuticals race. He also explains how, despite […]

Only Five of the Biggest Active Shops Notched Net Inflows in 1H22

Portfolio Specialist Apurva Schwartz is quoted in this article about mutual fund flows and performance in the first half of 2022. She notes that amid the market downturn it’s been “a strong environment for value-oriented funds and equities.” Subscription required to view the entire article.

China inches towards corporate ESG disclosure standards

China Analyst Lee Gao discusses the implications of new ESG disclosure standards being introduced in Mainland China and how these standards compare to those in other Asian countries. He also explains how China’s disclosures may be a step toward international standardization of ESG reporting.

Patrick Todd on TD Ameritrade

Portfolio Manager and Analyst Patrick Todd discusses why hearing and vision care companies are particularly well-positioned for long-term growth and highlights notable businesses in these areas.

What This Money Manager Learned Traveling in Covid-Zero China

Portfolio Manager and Analyst Wenting Shen discusses her experiences visiting China this summer amid the country’s COVID-19 lockdowns. She comments on notable domestic consumer trends, the implications of the pandemic on Chinese manufacturing, and how the government’s ebbing COVID measures have affected markets.

This Market Rally Could Force the Fed to Raise Rates Higher

Asset Allocation Strategist and Portfolio Manager Edmund Bellord is interviewed for this article discussing the interrelationship between market movements and the Federal Reserve’s policy decisions.  Bellord explains why the Fed’s efforts to restrain inflation will likely cause stocks prices to fall further. Subscription required to view the entire article.

Some Funds Refuse to Give Up on China Stocks as World Flees

In this Bloomberg article on investing in China, CIO and International Equity PM Ferrill Roll notes the interest among some investors for Emerging Markets strategies that exclude China. Subscription required to view the entire article.

Are Markets Better Understood Without Equality?

In his daily Bloomberg newsletter, John Authers discusses what he calls “a very interesting essay” written by Asset Allocation Strategist and Portfolio Manager Edmund Bellord for Harding Loevner’s “Out of Our Minds” series. Bellord discusses why stock prices, rather than bond-market behavior, may be a better signal of inflation expectations […]