Patrick Todd on TD Ameritrade Network

International Equity Portfolio Manager Patrick Todd explains the recent underperformance of growth stocks and examines the attractive valuations available in emerging markets. He also discusses two non-US businesses that he considers attractive long-term investments.

Rick Schmidt on TD Ameritrade Network

Rick Schmidt, portfolio manager for the Emerging Markets Equity and Global Equity strategies, discusses the importance of maintaining a long-term perspective when investing in times of crisis. He also highlights a few investment ideas among high-quality, growing companies.

Rick Schmidt on TD Ameritrade Network

Appearing on the TD Ameritrade Network, Harding Loevner Portfolio Manager Rick Schmidt comments on a pull back in e-commerce and tech-related stocks and points to areas of “old” emerging markets where he thinks valuations remain reasonable.

Rick Schmidt on TD Ameritrade Network

Rick Schmidt, portfolio manager for Harding Loevner’s Global Equity and Emerging Markets Equity strategies, discusses long-term investment opportunities and valuations in global emerging markets. Emphasizing the diverse nature of emerging markets, he highlights particular sectors and countries where he thinks share prices often do not reflect companies’ future growth potential.

Vietnam And Bangladesh Beneficiaries of Trade War

Pradipta Chakrabortty, Portfolio Manager, Frontier Emerging Markets and Emerging Markets appears on Bloomberg Radio where he discusses the economic impact of trade tensions, and says it’s not in China’s interest to engage in a currency war and looks at opportunities in Vietnam.

Two Vietnamese Stocks Worth a Look

Vietnam is benefiting from foreign investment as manufacturers navigate the US-China trade war by increasingly moving production to this country. Pradipta Chakrabortty, portfolio manager for the Harding Loevner Emerging Markets Equity and Frontier Emerging Markets Equity strategies, highlights two Vietnamese companies that are enjoying strong growth.

The Top Emerging Market Stocks for 2019

Emerging markets stocks appear considerably cheaper at the end of 2018 than they were at the beginning of the year. Bryan Lloyd, a portfolio manager for Harding Loevner’s International Equity strategy, discusses his approach to investing in emerging markets stocks.

Emerging market stocks’ descent to 17 month lows entices U.S. investors

Fund managers in the US are finding attractive investment opportunities amid the emerging markets sell-off, largely a result of investor concern about the trade war between the US and China. Christopher Mack, a portfolio manager for Harding Loevner’s Global Equity strategy, discusses the attractive valuations that have appeared among some […]

Best Bets in Emerging Markets Deluge

Rising interest rates and the strengthening US dollar have concerned many emerging-markets investors. Yet attractive investment opportunities remain in companies with high-quality fundamentals. Pradipta Chakrabortty, co-lead portfolio manager of Harding Loevner’s Frontier Emerging Markets Equity strategy, highlights a Russian bank with strong asset quality.

The Emerging Markets Party May Be Over

Scott Crawshaw, an emerging markets analyst and portfolio manager at Harding Loevner, comments on the sell-off in emerging markets assets spurred by a stronger US dollar and rising US interest rates.